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Maritime law & Ports

About us


We are a leading Spanish law specialising in Admiralty, Carriage of goods by sea, Marine Insurance, Litigation, and Insolvency Law. Our firm is managed by Daniel Bosch (LLM Soton) with more than 20 years of experience dealing with maritime legal issues around the world.

Through our involvement in diverse domestic and international business transactions, we have established a reputation in shipping, transport, insurance and in handling complex international litigation (and arbitration) cases before both the Spanish and International Courts.

Our lawyers have experience of working in other jurisdictions (i.e. UK and US) and have extensive knowledge of the shipping and insurance sectors, offering creative, practical and flexible advice, totally adapted to every profesional need.

With offices in Las Palmas, Tenerife and Madrid, we can act for you 24/7 anywhere in Spain In addition, we have an extensive network of correspondent law firms around the world which enables us to assist our clients in any international matters.

We have a reputation for our approachability, high quality and competitive service.

What do we do

Ship financing and taxation

  • Contracts for shipbuilding
  • Ship financing structures
  • Contracts for the sale and purchase of ships
  • Tonnage Tax

Contracts of use and exploitation

  • Leasing contracts
  • Chartering contracts (Time, travel, consecutive voyage, round trips, etc.)
  • Boarding Knowledge and Sea Way Bills
  • Multimodal transport

Accidents of navigation

  • Maritime pollution (by oil, hazardous or noxious substances
  • Approaches Salvage (LOF and contractual)
  • Gross breakdown
  • Personal damage

International sales and sales

  • Credit letters
  • International disputes

Litigation and insurance

  • Release of ships after seizure
  • Cargo Claims
  • Litigation in maritime disputes
  • Maritime insurance and reinsurance
  • P&I

Administrative (port) and regulatory

  • Ports and port infrastructures
  • Regular lines and competition law
  • Registration and flagging of ships
  • Sanctioning Records

Pre-Insolvency situations and insolvency proceedings

From the debtor point of view we propose bespoke solutions to help them withstand the crisis and expedite the decision-making process. Making use of out-of-court procedures and court proceedings (such as pre-insolvency procedures and formal insolvency proceedings), we take charge of implementing restructuring plans and advising on the sell-off of assets or production units, seeking to strike a balance among all the parties concerned (purchaser, seller, workers, insolvency managers, etc.)

On the creditor side, our team of experts designs the most efficient debt collection and recovery strategies. We advise on and take charge of enforcing security interests or financial collateral, including enforcement against shares and other equity interests. We negotiate with insolvency managers to maximize debt recovery, advising on the acquisition of assets from businesses in insolvency or pre-insolvency situations.

We advise clients on:

  • Debt and asset tracing and recovery
  • Financial and operational restructuring, restructuring strategy and procedures
  • Formal insolvency/bankruptcy legal procedures and creditor representation
  • Insolvency/bankruptcy-related investigation, litigation and enforcement

24 / 7

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Emergency response

We can be contacted at any time of the day or night.

A 24 hour service is available to respond to emergency situations, such as collisions or arrests.

Please call our Emergency Response Team on:

+34 670 670 700 manned 24/7



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